• Note From a Storyteller


    We just got this note a day or two ago from a customer (actually we don’t call our stories etc family members “customers” we refer to them as “story tellers”). She sent this note to us to let us know she appreciates what stories etc has offered through our new app. This is the kind […]

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  • Your Grandpa thought his Grandpa’s stories were the best.


    So, one of the most common comments I hear from people when I am explaining stories etc is “Oh, I wish you had done this years ago, my Grandpa had some wonderful stories, it would have been great to record them before he passed on”. Well, it strikes me that everyone thinks thier Grandparents or […]

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  • And away we gooooooo!


    Welcome to stories etc, thanks for stopping by. My name is Patrick Talley and I am the creator and founder of stories etc. Stories etc is an app that I put together to help people tell stories, their life stories in their own words and in their own voices. We can go to the internet […]

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