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Welcome to stories etc, thanks for stopping by. My name is Patrick Talley and I am the creator and founder of stories etc.

Stories etc is an app that I put together to help people tell stories, their life stories in their own words and in their own voices.

We can go to the internet and find recordings of MLK, JFK , Lucille Ball, Winston Churchill—all the greats but we can’t get recordings of our parents or grandparents. We could easily just chalk that up to technology being difficult 50 or 100 or more years ago and indeed that is true but not today!

Today, we walk around with devices in our pockets and purses (smartphones) which allow recording and saving at any time of day or night.

Anytime, anywhere and we still are not capturing these stories. It is not just technology!

I had some conversations and did some internet research on the subject and it appears that many people simply don’t know where to start. “I wouldn’t know what to say”, is a common statement. Well, I believe it is sad we are losing these stories and family legacies just because people don’t know where to start.

We will help you, stories etc will offer up a series of 10 Life Themes with 10 questions per Life Theme (think chapters). You just listen to or read the question and click a button and begin telling your life stories, creating your own memoir, simply by answering questions or better yet, just using the questions as prompts. We will save them to the cloud for you to access later, we will save them to the cloud so you can share them with others. We won’t share anything without your permission–these are your stories.

We are proud and excited to present what we have developed today, it was only April 2013 that I awoke with this idea and here we are with a great product which will only get better with time and passion.

My promise is to continue on, we already have 27 more incredible features to build to make the story telling, saving and sharing even easier and even more fun. We will create an e-book of your stories in another couple of months. We have only just begun on this most recent story telling journey and miles to go before we sleep. Stay with us, you just tell the stories and me and our brilliant development staff will work nights making this bigger and better, easier and more fun!

If you can think of anything to make it all better, please, by all means, send me an email on our “contact us” page, I will reply.

Thanks for stopping by,

Patrick Talley

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      Hey Ken, thank you for asking. No android yet but it is in the plans for Q1, so please be patient for a few more months. Ipad and Iphone only for now.